Software Features

Nowadays every business, big or small, needs a mobile-friendly website, so they can clearly display the unique products or services they have to offer their customers.

Whether you are just looking for a new website or you also want more advanced features (like communication tools), our affordable, easy-to-use software might just be the perfect solution for your business.

Website Content Management/Web Hosting

Website Content Manager
this easy-to-use tool allows non-tech users to quickly update and format various sections of text within their website.
Basic Website Hosting
this plan includes generous storage, email features, and nightly backups
Slideshow Manager
quickly display a rotating slideshow anywhere on your website of pictures, sponsors, products, services, or even ads (for an additional revenue stream, you can sell banner advertisement space on your website)
 Forms Builder
build custom web-based forms to allow anyone to fill out forms on a website; they can be used to submit requests, provide feedback, ask questions, and more.

Customer Management

Contact Us Form
allows visitors to fill out an online form to request info; their info is automatically forwarded to a designated email, and it is also loaded into the customer database as a prospect record.
 Customer Database
a full-featured customer and prospective customer database system - track customer data, categories, notes, and custom fields; we will convert your current customer data and load it into your database - note: limited to one file of data, up to 50 fields wide.
  Contact Tracking (CRM System)
keep track of your contacts (emails, phone calls, meetings, etc.) with your customers and prospective customers as well as set reminders for future contact needs.


 Broadcast Email Message
stay connected and easily send a message to all customers, selected customers, or prospective customers via an easy-to-use interface; we will create a broadcast email message header that is branded to your website.
 Newsletter Editor
email a detailed electronic newsletter and publish it on your website, and the editor allows you to create a 'template', after which you can create newsletter issues using this template framework; we will create a eNewsletter header that is branded to your website.

Event Management

  Event Calendar
easily update it online; the calendar features all of your business' upcoming events and the days your business is closed.

Online Payments

   Online Payments for Store Purchases
allow your customers to purchase merchandise in an online store (promotional items, sponsorships, documents, and more); this includes interfaces for PayPal, Authorize.Net, and other payment gateways.